Aim of the program

Through your ongoing partnership with the OpenCorp team, we provide the key requirements that will enable you and your family to achieve your desired financial goals.

  • Key 1 – Investment education

  • Key 2 – Goal setting

  • Key 3 – Setting up your team

  • Key 4 – Finance

  • Key 5 – Property Selection

  • Key 6 – Tenancy and Property management

  • Key 7 – Strategic portfolio management & duplication – Mentor for Life program

The beauty of it is that we do all the hard work. We manage each step, while you sit back and enjoy life. 

You just need to commit and take action. 

You then watch your wealth grow at a far greater rate than you thought possible. 

Once you have completed the initial steps from education to tenancy. Our Mentor for Life program is where the real power of OpenCorp begins. 

Here’s what you receive. 

Dedicated Portfolio Management Team

You are assigned a dedicated Portfolio Management team. They work hand in hand with your Senior Investment Consultant who is your mentor throughout your journey. Together our team provides the required motivation and investment guidance to deliver your financial goals. 

Portfolio reviews – 6 monthly

  • We discuss with you any life or circumstantial changes. 
  • You receive ongoing personalised education and investment journey mapping. 
  • We review your initial investment goals to ensure you are on track to achieve them.
  • You receive individual property and overall portfolio reports.
  • Market updates.
  • Area and infrastructure updates. 
  • Duplication. Once each review has taken place we will guide you on the right time to purchase again and build your portfolio. 

These reviews provide a clear picture of your current situation and the market and area fundamentals that will stimulate the growth of your properties and portfolio over the long term.


The Portfolio Management team coordinates regular client events. Both our formal and social events are great opportunities for you to form strong friendships with the OpenCorp team and our clients. The opportunity to spend time and share your success with like minded people is priceless. 

Formal events

  • Our client nights are where you are provided comprehensive updates on market conditions and economic trends and what they mean for investors. 
  • We also provide exclusive information as part of the OpenCorp Acquisitions teams strategic direction for the upcoming financial year and beyond.

Social events

Together we enjoy time in a relaxed social atmosphere in many sporting and family events such as 

  • The OpenCorp Marvel Stadium Corporate Box
  • Ladies race day
  • Ladies wine and dine evenings
  • South East Melbourne Phoenix Basketball OpenCorp Corporate box 
  • Sydney Cricket Ground luncheon
  • Corporate Golf events
  • AMG drive day
  • Family day’s, where we have seen over 500 families come together at places like, Luna Park, Gumbia World and Sea world.