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Discover how to easily build a growth property portfolio with minimum risk and secure your financial future, without giving up your weekends or family time.

Book your FREE Strategy Session

Whether you are a first-time or established property investor, this free consultation with a property investment expert will help you with a property portfolio investment strategy tailored to your current financial circumstance.

Here’s what will be covered in your strategy session:

  • Define the financial path you are on currently and review your very own investment strategy so we can clearly understand what you are trying to achieve.
  • We explain the way finance needs to be structured for both beginner and advanced investors. This enables you to build a solid portfolio while managing hold costs and cash flow.
  • Learn how to keep your own home safe and out of the bank’s hands.
  • We provide the research reports and check sheets. As well as an easy 3-step process to improve your ability to pick a high performing property and avoid picking a loser.
  • Thousands of our clients have outperformed the market, year after year…they have beaten the market by over 37% over the last 10 years. This has made them on average hundreds of thousands of dollars richer than ordinary investors.
  • How you can fast track your property investment success and acquire high-growth property in the next 90 days
  • Why 90% of people never make it past 2 properties – and how to break into the 10% who build large portfolios that replace their income

Here are Some Of Our Success Stories

26-Year Old Makes $150,000 in Only 18 Months

From Zero to Earning $85,000 From Property in One Year

What Makes Us Different?

We empower property investors to accelerate their success with evidence-based strategies, done-for-you property and finance services, and expert mentoring.
Whether you’re seeking a full-service, done-for-you approach, or you prefer to get in the trenches and take the DIY route, the OpenCorp team has you covered.

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