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OpenCorp originated with four founders who shared the same vision. Each had successfully built strong investment portfolios which led them to assist their family and friends do the same. They then spent time helping family and friends do the same.

They then wanted to share their experience and assist others. Fast forward to today and we have a national team of over 50 investment experts and now mentor thousands of novice and experienced investors through our ‘Mentor for Life’ program.

OpenCorp founders have been investing since the 1980s and understand the process and steps required to provide our clients the best chance to achieve their financial goals.
We manage and hold our clients hands, walking them through every step of the process ensuring they are comfortable from start to finish.

  • Investment education – We educate people on both the advantages and the risks of investing. This allows them to block out the white noise, make informed investment decisions and avoid potential pitfalls.


  • Goal setting – Helping our clients articulate their personal and financial goals with a set action plan and associated timelines is key to their success. What are your goals?
    • Putting the kids through school?
    • Working less, or not at all?
    • Or buying your dream home?
    • Financial security for retirement?
    • Everybody’s different.


  • Setting up your team – We ensure our clients surround themselves with a team of industry investment experts. This ensures they receive sound accounting, financial and legal advice, keeping them safe throughout their investment journey. 


  • Arranging finance – OpenCorp manages the finance process for clients. This is often the most daunting part of investing. Ensuring our clients put in place the correct finance structure; not only does this keep the family home safe, but also allows for smooth duplication of the investment process over time. 


  • Property selection – There are over 10 million properties to choose from in Australia.In order to provide our clients with a suitable location recommendation, based on the client’s individual requirements, our research and analytics team carefully review each capital city market. The growth corridors within those markets.They then zero in on the optimal property for each area, as well as the potential for strong yield and growth. We provide full research reports on each investment, including taxation benefits. No investment is selected for a client that we wouldn’t be happy to add to our own personal portfolios. 


  • Tenancy and Property Management – Our national team of highly skilled Investment Property Managers, are dedicated to ensuring our clients minimise cost and maximise rental yield. We’re not merely rent collectors. We ensure your property is tenanted in a timely manner and back our services with a rental guarantee. Each tenant is put through an extensive screening process before they’re recommended to our clients. 


  • Mentor for Life Program – Portfolio management and duplication – OpenCorps Investment Mentors work with our experienced in-house portfolio management team to keep clients on track to meet their goals. Clients have access to our online portal which contains all relevant information on their investment properties, including contracts, depreciation reports, budgets, individual property performance analysis and an overall portfolio analysis.

You’re not on this journey alone! When you become an OpenCorp client, we are with you all the way, supporting and guiding you on your investment journey.


At OpenCorp, we talk openly about risk. 

Safe investing means building wealth slowly, safely and securely. Risk needs to be considered at every point of your investment journey. We then put steps in place to ensure our clients minimise their risk, in turn allowing them to sleep well at night knowing they have a team of experts looking after their best interests, managing each step of the process for them.

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What Kind Of People Benefit The Most From Our Service?

First time investors who need guidance to start their investment journey

Just getting started on your investment property journey? Then this is the place for you. Our team of inhouse experts give you all the information and education you need to make wise investment decisions from the outset.

We’ll walk you through every step of the process, explain how and why things work, then help you find and complete your first purchase. This information and assistance will help you achieve your financial and lifestyle goals much faster. 

Experienced Property Investors
Looking To Take Their Portfolio To The Next Level

Already a seasoned investor with one or more investment properties?

Whether you’re looking to fill in any gaps in your knowledge, refine your long-term investment plan, learn how to navigate the banks to obtain finance at an advanced level, restructure your investments to minimise tax, or simply get expert advice on growing your portfolio – our team can assist you.

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Hear From Jackie Who Finally Broke Into The Investment Property Market…

I couldn’t be happier with OpenCorp – they were able to help me secure an investment property in a very difficult lending landscape. The property is great and they have also secured wonderful tenants who really look after the place, and the property management team are outstanding. OpenCorp simply takes the hard work (and guesswork) out of property investing. Thank you!

We Provide An Additional Range Of Services To Help You Grow Your Wealth With Property


Want free education from our expert team – delivered to you live? Then our popular property investment workshops and webinars could be what you’re looking for. You can discover our tools, strategy and processes without parting with a cent. Plus, you’ll get key insights into the current state of the real estate market. We hold these workshops online and all around the country – find one near you now.


At OpenCorp our property managers take the headache out of investing and help our clients to increase their investment yield. We can take care of all the usual property management, maintenance and tenancy issues for you. Our nation-wide team is ready to handle everything. It’s part of the complete end-to-end solution we offer our clients.


Our mortgage broking division – Open Finance – specialises in finding you the best finance possible for your investment. Structuring finance is one of the trickiest and nerve racking parts to investing. Keeping your own home safe and creating a structure that will allow you to duplicate your portfolio are keys to success.


Want to begin building wealth with property investing but can’t seem to save a deposit? ResiFund may be the answer you’re looking for. This innovative ‘co-investing’ solution allows you to get started in the property game starting with just $1000.

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