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Bozza’s Crystal Ball – Why Retirement Income Isn’t Looking Good | Property WOD | Ep.258 |

Bozza has his Crystal Ball ready to read. The bad that retirement incomes aren't looking good for many. Good that he has a strateg...


First Home Buyer – How to make a good purchase | Property WOD | Ep.257 |

We give you a breakdown of all the crucial information you need to consider when buying your first home. Learn how you can make a smart purchase in th...


Cam McLellan – This is his story

First ever - Cam McLellan reveals that fist-pumping moment when he realised he’d made it. He also shares the dark times when he knew he had to do mo...


Property investing vs. Property flipping – Property WOD |Ep. 256|

Let's take a look at two different investment strategies; investing to build a portfolio and investing to renovate and sell, and see which stacks up b...


How To Teach Your Kids About Investing | Property WOD | Ep.256 |

Teaching your kids early on about the fundamentals of saving, delayed gratification and investments will give them the confidence to make smart invest...


How many properties do I need to be financially secure – Property WOD |Ep. 255|

Is it three, six, nine, or more? In today's Property Wealth Workout of the Day, we take a look at how many properties you need to be financially secur...


October Property Market Update

We give you an in-depth look at all the factors influencing the Australian property market with a 'State-of-the-States' analysis of what matters most....


Understanding Assets & Liabilities | Property WOD | Ep.254 |

In this Property Wealth WOD, Cam McLellan outlines why knowing the differences between beneficial and non-beneficial liability can help you become fin...


How to get comfortable investing in property – Property WOD |Ep. 253|

Investing in property should be as easy as purchasing a new pair of shoes, or doing the grocery shopping. Here's our tips on how to get comfortable in...


How To Identify When The Property Market Is In A Danger Zone – Property WOD |Ep.252|

Knowing how to identify indicators within a market that show signs of market health and danger is key to choosing a smart investment property. We ofte...


Why Property Investing is a Long Term Wealth Creation Strategy – Property WOD |Ep.251|

Einstein called it the 8th Wonder of the World...Michael Beresford explains how Compound Growth provides the basis for developing a long-term wealth c...


Rentvesting: Invest for Growth, Rent for Happiness

Every year, the Oxford Dictionary announces its  Word of the Year. ‘Post-Truth’ was last year’s winner, beating stiff competition from the li...


6 Key Signs of a Healthy Property Market – Property WOD |Ep.249|

Having the ability to identify the core indicators of a healthy property market can help propel your property investment journey. Cam McLellan shares...


Using Property Investment to Pay Off Your Home in 10 years – Property WOD |Ep.248

You saved up for your deposit, got a home loan, and finally bought your first home. That honeymoon feeling only lasts so long; now you’re stuck payi...


Sticking to your property investing strategy – Property WOD |Ep.247

When you start out with your investments, you’ll probably develop an investment property strategy that you’ll stick to rigidly (we would hope!). ...


Dismissing fears about the property market – Property WOD |Ep.245 & Ep.246|

Why You Shouldn’t Fear Property Market CyclesThe property market is not a light switch. It doesn’t have a Boom and Bust switch. Like any maj...

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