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Overcapitalising On The Build – How You Can Avoid It | Property WOD | Ep.259 |

Overcapitalising on the build is one of the most common mistakes we see investors make. Boz shares some of the horror stories and some tips to help yo...


Bozza’s Crystal Ball – Why Retirement Income Isn’t Looking Good | Property WOD | Ep.258 |

Bozza has his Crystal Ball ready to read. The bad that retirement incomes aren't looking good for many. Good that he has a strateg...


First Home Buyer – How to make a good purchase | Property WOD | Ep.257 |

We give you a breakdown of all the crucial information you need to consider when buying your first home. Learn how you can make a smart purchase in th...


Cam McLellan – This is his story

First ever - Cam McLellan reveals that fist-pumping moment when he realised he’d made it. He also shares the dark times when he knew he had to do mo...


Property investing vs. Property flipping – Property WOD |Ep. 256|

Let's take a look at two different investment strategies; investing to build a portfolio and investing to renovate and sell, and see which stacks up b...


How To Teach Your Kids About Investing | Property WOD | Ep.256 |

Teaching your kids early on about the fundamentals of saving, delayed gratification and investments will give them the confidence to make smart invest...


How many properties do I need to be financially secure – Property WOD

Is it three, six, nine, or more? In today's Property Wealth Workout of the Day, we take a look at how many properties you need to be financially secur...


October Property Market Update

We give you an in-depth look at all the factors influencing the Australian property market with a 'State-of-the-States' analysis of what matters most....


Understanding Assets & Liabilities | Property WOD | Ep.254 |

In this Property Wealth WOD, Cam McLellan outlines why knowing the differences between beneficial and non-beneficial liability can help you become fin...


How to get comfortable investing in property – Property WOD |Ep. 253|

Investing in property should be as easy as purchasing a new pair of shoes, or doing the grocery shopping. Here's our tips on how to get comfortable in...


How To Identify When The Property Market Is In A Danger Zone – Property WOD |Ep.252|

Knowing how to identify indicators within a market that show signs of market health and danger is key to choosing a smart investment property. We ofte...


Why Property Investing is a Long Term Wealth Creation Strategy – Property WOD |Ep.251|

Einstein called it the 8th Wonder of the World...Michael Beresford explains how Compound Growth provides the basis for developing a long-term wealth c...


Rentvesting: Invest for Growth, Rent for Happiness

Every year, the Oxford Dictionary announces its  Word of the Year. ‘Post-Truth’ was last year’s winner, beating stiff competition from the li...


6 Key Signs of a Healthy Property Market – Property WOD |Ep.249|

Having the ability to identify the core indicators of a healthy property market can help propel your property investment journey. Cam McLellan shares...


Using Property Investment to Pay Off Your Home in 10 years – Property WOD |Ep.248

You saved up for your deposit, got a home loan, and finally bought your first home. That honeymoon feeling only lasts so long; now you’re stuck payi...


Sticking to your property investing strategy – Property WOD |Ep.247

When you start out with your investments, you’ll probably develop an investment property strategy that you’ll stick to rigidly (we would hope!). ...

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