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How to avoid cross collateralisation – Property WOD |Ep. 240|

In property investing cross collateralisation is one of the big no-nos if you want to keep your own home safe from the banks. Watch our Property Worko...


How the build planning process works – Property WOD |Ep. 239|

Have you ever wondered what is actually involved in the build process? In today's Property Wealth Workout of the day, Michael Beresford gives an insig...


Everything you need to know about depreciation schedules – Property WOD |Ep. 238|

It's a property investors best friend, so why do so many people neglect their depreciation schedules at tax time? In today's Property Workout of the D...


Why housing is affordable in 2016 – Property WOD |Ep. 237|

Affordability is an issue for many Australian's these days, with most finding it difficult to enter the market. In today's WOD we take a look at why h...


How to save for an investment when you’re renting – Property WOD |Ep. 236|

Saving for an investment property, particularly when a large chunk of your salary is taken up by rent can seem daunting. Here are our tips on how to s...


Two important lessons for property investing beginners – Property WOD |Ep. 235|

Supply and demand, along with how to calculate the median house price are two fundamental lessons a property investor must learn. Take a refresh on ho...


Our view on the budget and what it means for you – Property WOD |Ep. 234|

The proposed budget was announced a number of weeks ago, and you may have been wondering where our response to it was. Well here it is, in today's Pro...


Two important things you need to be financially secure – Property WOD |Ep. 233|

Do you know what drives some people to take control of their financial future, whilst others sit back?


Must know information for getting a property investment bank loan – Property WOD |Ep. 232|

Prices have continued to grow in Australia, but it's harder to get a loan, so what do you need to know to get that bank loan?...


The top four things you must remember as a property investor – Property WOD |Ep. 231|

There are four key things you must know and remember as a property investor. Watch this video to find out what they are, and remind yourself of these ...


What will happen to your investments if interest rates rise – Property WOD |Ep. 230|

Whilst interest rates have held steady at 2% for the last few months, there is always the possibility of interest going back up. How will this affect ...


Why vacancy rates have dropped in your capital city – Property WOD |Ep. 229|

Did you know that residential vacancies fell in Australia last month? In today's Property Wealth Workout of the Day we discuss the recent decline and ...


Don’t panic! Why the fall of the median house price isn’t as bad you’re lead to believe – WOD |Ep. 228|

Should we panic over reports that the median house price has fallen in capital cities? We discuss why you may not need to be as worried, as the media ...


Must know financial mistakes for people investing in their 20’s or about to begin – WOD |Ep. 227|

There are a few simple financial mistakes that can stop you investing before you even start. Here's how to fix them and get yourself back on track....


Invest like a girl – Property WOD |Ep. 226|

What does it mean to invest like a girl? Check out one of the most powerful WOD videos to date.Make sure that after you have watched Cam's WOD, you ...


Why this election, changes to negative gearing will be minimal – Property WOD |Ep. 225|

Following on from last week's WOD on the great negative gearing debate, Michael Beresford discusses why changes in the coming election will be minimal...

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