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Equity – What is it? How can you use it?

The concept of equity is very often misunderstood. To be a successful investor, it's important to break it down and understand exactly what it means a...


House & Land Packages – What you need to know

Source: Your Investment Property MagazineHouse and land packages remain a firm favourite among many investors, including OpenCorp's Michael Bere...


The deal of a lifetime – it may be outside your city – and more common than you think

Forget market hype. Smart property investment means looking much further afield than the convenience or desirability of the area you live in. by Cam ...


Behind The Scenes with Natalie Ravaneschi – Relationship Manager

As a Relationship Manager, Natalie get's to see how much property investment changes everyday lives. She shares why she thinks she has 'One of the bes...


Why the Pension isn’t a Retirement Plan

Don’t count on the pension. Plan to retire financially fit. Learn why property investment is the smart way to set up your long term financial securi...


Investing without emotion

Source: Your Investment Property Magazine One of Australia’s most experienced property investors says it’s surprisingly easy to let sentiment sta...


How Do You Stay Confident When The Media is Boom Or Bust?

Here’s how to make a confident property investment in the wake of media gloom and doom. News headlines consistently paint the picture of an Austral...


Exit Strategy: Begin with a Property Investment End in Mind

Begin with a Property Investment End in Mind By Cam McLellanYou should always begin with the end in mind, because once your property investment j...


How much money is enough?

How Much Money is Enough? My Growth Property Story By Cam McLellanHow much money is enough? That’s the first question I asked myself when I wan...


Emotionally Invested Property Investors: Bad Idea

By Cam McLellanI was a heavy metal rock star in the 1980s, or at least that’s what I wanted to be back then. Like business, I find music creativ...


October Property Market Update

We give you an in-depth look at all the factors influencing the Australian property market with a 'State-of-the-States' analysis of what matters most....


Land Value vs Building Value: What’s worth more?

By Cam McLellanPretty buildings are all well and good, but it’s even better to notice the ground you’re standing on. That’s what you’re re...


Beware the Perils of Credit Cards

Credit Cards: Beware the Evil Financial Instrument Walking Among Us! By Cam McLellanA little while ago I went on a rant against sharks in the pro...


The Big 3 Types of Investment Property

By Cam McLellanThere are three main types of property that people look to invest in: vacant land, commercial or industrial property, and residenti...


Tapping Into Property Equity

Source: Your Investment Property MagazineAccessing property equity is not just important, it’s absolutely essential if you wish to grow your por...


To Buy or Rent: Are Holiday Homes Good Property Investments?

By Cam McLellanFor many people out there, holiday season means packing the car to the brim and setting off for your favourite holiday home.An...

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