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Land Value vs Building Value: An Important Difference

By Cam McLellanPretty buildings are all well and good, but it’s even better to notice the ground you’re standing on. That’s what you’re re...


Beware the Perils of Credit Cards

Credit Cards: Beware the Evil Financial Instrument Walking Among Us! By Cam McLellanA little while ago I went on a rant against sharks in the pro...


The Big 3 Types of Investment Property

By Cam McLellanThere are three main types of property that people look to invest in: vacant land, commercial or industrial property, and residenti...


Tapping Into Property Equity

Source: Your Investment Property MagazineAccessing property equity is not just important, it’s absolutely essential if you wish to grow your por...


How to Build a Property Portfolio Quickly by Duplicating

By Cam McLellanThe key to building a strong property portfolio quickly is to identify when your usable equity has increased. Banks will convert th...


To Buy or Rent: Are Holiday Homes Good Property Investments?

By Cam McLellanFor many people out there, holiday season means packing the car to the brim and setting off for your favourite holiday home.An...


Contracts: think before you ‘just sign here’

Get It in Writing: How to Read a Contract for Property Investments By Cam McLellanIn property investing and business, it’s always important to ...


How You Too Can Create Financial Freedom with Property Investment

Financial freedom is a goal for many Australians. It takes a lot of hard work and long hours to get to the point where you are free to start investing...


Sticking to Your Property Investing Strategy: Why We Use the Mirror Man

When you start out with your investments, you’ll probably develop an investment property strategy that you’ll stick to rigidly (we would hope!). ...


Risk versus Return: The Harsh Reality

The goal of all investors should be to achieve a premium return for a minimum risk. In a previous article, I talked about the need to become an expert...


Simple Solutions for 6 Types of Property Investment Risk

Risk is something that all property investors face, particularly in the Australian property market. But we don’t want to explain to you that high ri...


Our Absolute Top Property Investment Tip

It’s all too easy to get caught up in your emotional decisions, even unwittingly, when you’re shopping for new property investments. Even making a...


Is Using Superannuation to Buy Investment Property a Smart Idea?

While there are a number of ways to approach property investment, many people look at using their superannuation to buy property and grow their portfo...


How to Start Investing in Real Estate for Families

We’ve all watched Sydney’s house prices rise over the past few years. If you’re new to the real estate investment game, you might have been putt...


Smart Investors Know How to Access Equity

Accessing your home equity, or leveraging your debt, is one of the most successful investment strategies you can use to buy multiple properties and re...


How to Use Equity to Buy an Investment Property

Many people believe they need to pay off their home and then save up for another deposit before they even start looking into investment properties. Bu...

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