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Cam Mclellan

Cam's BIO but how do we make sure our tax return efforts benifits us in the long term?* This is a transcript form a conversation with Michael...

By Michael Beresford

The Lilyroo ride was an amazing experience. Very tough, and tiring, but the reception we received at The Women’s Hospital and the Channel 7 exposure for our cause that night was worth every pedal stroke.

While the peloton took the first day to get familiar with each others strengths and pacing it stood us in good stead for the following four days which were full of wind, hills, rain and more wind.

Michael Beresford and the Lilyroo team before the beginning on their ride.

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I have been riding for nearly 15 years and the 240km journey on day 2 was some of the worst conditions I have ever ridden in. But it bonded the group and we forged forward. Having ridden the road from Sorrento to Melbourne many times, it has never been as enjoyable as it was on our final day, surrounded by a group of committed people with friendships forged and strengthened over our 1156km journey. We hope that not only have we succeeded in creating a lasting legacy for Lily but made a difference with total funds raised in excess of $165,000. To all those that supported our cause, I am truly thankful as are the committee of the Lilyroo fund and the team at the NISC unit of The Women’s. Thank you.

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