Not to be missed – Free Live Webinar

29  October  2020    12:30pm & 7:00pm


We bring you, Matthew Gross, from The National Property Research Co. who clearly explains how to use data insights, to identify strong growth property hotspots.

Here’s exactly what will be covered:

  • Slash research time by discarding mountains of information that have no relevance to the decision being made. 
  • We show you what data to pay attention to when selecting an investment property.
  • Understand the real indicators of property markets. This gives serious investors an unfair advantage over hopeful amateurs.
  • A deep dive analysis of every capital city market in Australia.
  • Why a big four bank is now forecasting growth of 20% in one capital city in the next 2-3 years. 
  • What role affordability has on market cycles and why you should carefully consider this before making an investment
  • Cut out the white noise. Why investing based on what the media tells you will likely end in a costly mistake.
  • What areas to stay away from. The migration debate…areas impacted by the sudden drop in migration and how it impacts your choice.
  • Where to consider buying before Christmas…find out and give the portfolio a kickstart into 2021

…and more!

You will be able to identify key data that indicates areas poised for the next upswing. We have pinpointed hotspot areas now that are seeing upwards of 400% increase in sale rate and an increase of over 10% in land value. 

Heading into the holiday season, a question which keeps coming up is how to snap up a hot investment property before Christmas.

Let’s face it.

2020 has introduced a level of uncertainty unlike anything we’ve experienced before.

It’s had many ordinary investors confused and worried.

Experienced investors are different. We see huge opportunities. 

To succeed it’s vital to invest for the long term, based on an understanding of economic, demographic and social trends.

It’s how steady gains can be achieved while minimising risk to  an investment portfolio. 

In this webinar, you will understand the process and learn to invest safely, with confidence. 

If you’re looking to get in the know about the latest property hot-spots so you can buy your first or next investment property before Christmas, this event is not to be missed.


Make sure you attend!