What does a successful property investment strategy look like?

  • Knowing why.

    Think about your key motivators behind entering the exciting, intense world of property investing. This could be as simple as a personal mission statement: “In five years, I would like to have…”

  • Set a budget.

    The best property investment strategies feature a clear, in-depth budget, which investors should stick to. Too often ill-prepared investors get in too deep and struggle to recoup debts.

  • Well-researched options.

    Look into what types of property investment appeal most to you: renovations, flipping, holiday homes, buying & holding or capital growth, and how you aim to achieve your goal using your preferred method.

  • Understand the numbers.

    The more you research during the property investment strategy phase, the better informed you’ll be further down the road. Knowing how things like positive cash flow, negative gearing, equity and tax benefits work is crucial.

  • Preparing for all eventualities.

    Preparing contingencies for any and all possible scenarios now will spare you plenty of headaches later on. Remember that strategy is about foresight.

  • Enjoying the ride.

    Property investment should be about having fun and making profit symbiotically. At OpenCorp, we’re strong proponents of enjoying yourself along the way.



Free education – ongoing mentoring, market analysis and finance expertise – is our way of empowering you for success.

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How OpenCorp Can Help with Your Property Investment Strategy

At OpenCorp, we understand that no two property investors are the same. Some investors are just starting out. Others are seeking strategies to help them expand to a second property. More experienced investors come to us for strategy insight about building their portfolios or to learn about effective exit strategies.

First time investors:

OpenCorp specialises in converting the uninitiated into experienced property investment pros. Our nurturing, informative program helps first time investors breaks down the barriers to entry, navigating the unknown waters towards a safe and rewarding investment strategy.

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Experienced investors:

If you’re already an established property investor, OpenCorp will provide strategy recommendations to fast-track your financial freedom, whether it’s through the latest diversification methods, by maximising compound growth or by providing extensive resources to build your investment knowledge.

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If you’re ready to take the next step in your property investment journey, speak with OpenCorp and together we can formulate a winning strategy for your lifestyle and budget.

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