6 Reasons You Should Attend Melbourne’s Property Investment Workshops

  • Knowledge

    Foucault’s famous ‘knowledge is power’ theory holds true when it comes to property investment. Educating yourself about property investment and staying up-to-date with the latest goings-on is paramount to success.

  • Stay ahead of the competition

    Perhaps the primary reason for attending these events is to gain that competitive advantage over other property investors in the Melbourne market & beyond.

  • Gain insight to the local market

    Each property market is different. That’s why, no matter how savvy or experienced you are property-wise, location-specific events can provide invaluable tips about where you should be looking to invest.

  • Networking

    At these events, you’ll meet fellow property investors and be able to share priceless experiences, tips and pitfalls with each other.

  • Expert advice and opinions

    With the sheer volume of property investment information out there, much of which is conflicting or contradictory, nothing can beat live, in-the-flesh advice from a trusted expert.

  • Fun

    Of course, you want to learn how to become the biggest, baddest property investor. But at the same time try to have some fun. Not only will this help you learn, it’ll increase your motivation and passion for property investing too.

Upcoming Melbourne workshops

Our popular 2-hour workshops are held regularly in Melbourne. Find one near you or register your interest.

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Why Attend an OpenCorp Workshop in Melbourne?

If you’re serious about property investment and keen to take the next step towards financial security and success, attending our helpful property investment workshops and events is a great idea.

From beginners who think they might enjoy property investment but don’t know their IOs (interest only) from their P&Is (principal & interest) to experienced property investors wanting to learn a few more innovative tactics, our high-quality workshops in Melbourne ensure something for everyone.

This selection of OpenCorp property seminars, events, workshops and discussions will help you get the edge in Melbourne’s competitive property investment market with their easy-to-implement insider strategies & techniques.

Taught by experts from our team or a handpicked group of special guests with a successful property-related track record, don’t delay. It’s time to secure your spot now.

Why Our Workshops are Free

OpenCorp is made up of property investors, which means our Melbourne-based team has been in your shoes, in one way or another. We’ve overcome common property investing roadblocks. We’ve been faced with incredibly difficult decisions. We’ve had sleepless nights.

Because of this, we’re keen to ensure you overcome the same obstacles, make the right decisions and get some much-needed sleep. And we don’t believe we should charge you for these things. All we want is for you to join us at our next free property investment workshop event.

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