First-time Investor

OpenStart is our dedicated program for educating and nurturing first-time investors.

We appreciate that your first step into the investment world can be scary. After all, you’re investing your hard earned savings. For us, protecting your initial investment is paramount. 

With our expert understanding of the market, and your specific budget and goals in mind, our team will educate and guide you through every step of the investment process. 

Your investment consultant will use the same proven investment strategies they use for their own investments. Ongoing education is key, so you’ll have complete access to our extensive resource of books, tutorials, videos and research. These materials are designed to support you as you build your investment knowledge. 

Our ultimate goal is help you secure safe and rewarding future investment opportunities.

It’s time to:

  • Fast track your first deposit
  • Secure the right first investment property
  • Work with your investment mentor
  • Pay off your own home in 10 years (not 30)
  • Access our internal educational tools.


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Free education – ongoing mentoring, market analysis and finance expertise – is our way of empowering you for success.

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