The Ultimate Mini Guide to Property Investing 2020


(Available in text and audio formats)

8 x BRW Fast Growth Lister & Bestselling Author Cam McLellan

“Thousands of property investors across Australia have successfully used this easy to follow guide, to secure their future by building substantial portfolios.“


How to Become Financially Secure Through Property Investing in a Changed Economy…Whether You’re Experienced or Looking to Get Started


Core Strategies the Wealthiest 1% or Australians Follow in a Changed Economy…and How You Can Duplicate Them to Achieve Financial Freedom

In today’s economy, investors face very different challenges to the past.

Success in property investing is not just about identifying the right opportunities, but also avoiding risks which can be financially crippling.

Further, ensuring your finance structure is set up correctly is paramount to keeping your own home safe and out of the banks hands. 

This mini-guide will help you follow a proven path to investing with confidence…

  … it will allow you to cut out the white noise or any other questionable boom or doom predictions painted by the media.

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 Here’s some of what’s been revealed in the mini-guide:

  • What’s really going on in the property industry today…forget all the hype you’re been fed
  • Will property prices grow beyond 2020? Checkout our prediction and reasons behind them
  • How understanding market cycles can help you catch and profit from each wave
  • Understanding depreciation…why it can be one of your biggest tax benefits
  • Should you “Flip Properties” or hold on to your assets…factors to consider
  • Balancing your portfolio so you achieve Yield and Growth
  • The biggest mistake made by property investors…avoid these and forget sleepless nights
  • The Straight Line to Wealth: The A-Z of property investing…from the initial idea to selecting the right tenant, property duplication and portfolio management
  • The M.A.P. Strategy…the three-step process you need to find the deal of a lifetime, every day of the week
  • Where to look for opportunities in 2020…and beyond 


Access all the tools and check sheets to help you apply what you learn in each section of the guide.


About the Author: Cam McLellan

Director of OpenCorp, Cam McLellan, Cam started investing in real estate at a young age and quickly mastered the art of building sustainable wealth.

He is committed to sharing his knowledge and skills with all Australians serious about securing financial freedom through property investing.