Rebecca Wright

By Al Lewison and Cam McLellan

Today we wanted to give you an insight into how we used to feel about attending property investment expos and how we learned to navigate the minefield.

Consider everyone in a booth as a sales organisation that are trying to get your business, the main things to try and identify are:

  • What is the advisors experience
  • What they charge
  • How they make their money

By understanding those things you will then be able to understand what their motivations are for selling you a specific product.

You should also make sure you don’t sign up for anything on the day. By all means grab all the free information you can, but don’t get caught up in the hype and sign up for something that you don’t really want or understand.

It is better for you to take the information away, and then use this golden tool: Google.

If people are untoward, have a bad reputation or have a history of doing dodgy things, Google will let you know about it.

Hopefully if you are ready to go to an expo you are also using the “Mirror Man” strategy, so you’ll come to an event with some goals and direction, and won’t be misled. Gather your information and focus on your goals, not the goals of other people at the expo.

We attended lots of expos and seminars when learning about property but it’s important that you understand the world you are walking into.

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