Cam McLellan developed the Money Smarts presentation because he found a void in financial education for young people and sporting professionals.

He wanted to provide information that he wished had been provided to him, when he was young. Information that would help young people avoid many of the financial mistakes made by the majority of Australians.

Cam has been presenting the Money Smarts course to year 12 and University students for a number of years. He has also presented this course to all A league Football teams, all NBL teams, AFL players, NBA players and Australian Cricketers.

Yearly Money Smarts presentation Introduction at Knox College

An introduction is provided to year 12 students before the yearly Money Smarts presentation at Knox College

‘Students, if ever there was a time to focus on your learning, that time is now. The next hour you will spend hearing what Cam has to teach, will potentially be the most valuable time spent in all of your schooling years. Listen up and take note’. Andrew Ferguson, Head of House – Knox College

Introduction (11.12min)

Leveraging OPM (2.27min)

Life Balance (4.45min)

Demystifying the Property Industry (8.11min)

Mythbusters (11.44min)

Assets and Liabilities (13.42min)

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