So you wanna be a landlord? Property management under the spotlight

The October edition of our Facebook Live Q&A Show focused on property management, with special guest Cassie Austin, OpenCorp's Property Management Operations Manager, discussing the various aspects involved in being a landlord. (You can check out a video replay of the show below) Plus our panel of experts - Al Lewison, Matthew Lewison and Cam [...]

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BRICK TO THE FUTURE – the property investment show for everyday Australians. ⠀

We have a new podcast!⠀ Brick to the Future is the property investment show for everyday Australians. In it, the directors of OpenCorp (plus expert guests) cut through the white noise so you can minimise risk and make smart and informed investment decisions. If you’re after tips and strategies while building a property portfolio that [...]

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The media says one thing, the data tells a different story

The number-crunchers here at OpenCorp love nothing more than cold hard facts that, when pieced together, tell a story. We’ve been looking at the data and the story we’re seeing currently suggests to us that the property market in Australia is heating up. Consider these facts: 6 of the 8 capital cities went up in [...]

Investing in property wisely – why 200 hours is the magic number

An investment property can be the route to financial security – but without sound advice it can become a burden, writes Michael Beresford of OpenCorp   Here’s the bad news: there is seldom a quick fix to owning an investment property. We’ve all got a ‘friend of a friend’ who bought on a whim and [...]

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The Smart Property Investment Show: How a winning strategy can withstand any crisis

OpenCorp directors Cam McLellan, Matthew Lewison and Michael Beresford joined Phil Tarrant, host of The Smart Property Investment Show, to share the company's ethos and how their love of property investment came about.  Cam, Matthew and Michael cover a range of topics, including not chasing 'red balloons', acquiring the right assets at the right time, [...]

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Four ways to amp up your borrowing power

By Cam McLellan, Co-founder, OpenCorp Investing in property requires belief, mindset and action, but it also requires finance! As an investor, if you don’t fully understand how lenders measure your borrowing power, you run the risk of losing control of your property investment journey. Here are four strategies to increase your borrowing capacity in the [...]

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How to win the battle of control with the banks

By Cam McLellan, co-founder, OpenCorp Of around 25 million Australians, 2.2 million own one investment property; 460,000 own two, and around 19,000 own more than six. From this, I figure that the top 19,000 investors own many more than six properties each. So, what are these people doing that all the others aren’t? Every successful [...]

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Is property investing right for you?

Let’s go back to basics. You’re reading this because you’re interested in … ta da! ... investing in property! But do you still have a million and one questions on your mind like: Is investing in property right for me? Will it help me achieve my goals? It’s good to ask (and answer) the ‘why [...]

PODCAST INTERVIEW: OpenCorp’s Cam McLellan on community footy, property vs shares, and the impact of COVID-19 on the property market

PODCAST INTERVIEW: OpenCorp’s Cam McLellan on community footy, property vs shares, and the impact of COVID-19 on the property market Waverley Park Hawks · Episode 8 OpenCorp’s Cam McLellan was recently interviewed by Lindsay Moore, from the Waverley Park Hawks Junior Football Club, for its Hawk Talk podcast. OpenCorp is a keen supporter of grassroots junior footy, and a major [...]

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Why debt isn’t a dirty word for Treasurer Josh Frydenberg

Why debt isn’t a dirty word for Treasurer Josh Frydenberg BY MATT LEWISON, DIRECTOR, OPENCORP OpenCorp's Matthew Lewison has been making sense of the numbers and demystifying the jargon. He goes into more depth in this audio clip: Coronavirus is an evil that has ambushed our daily lives on two fronts; the immediate threat to [...]

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