Play it cool – why emotions can ruin wise property investing

Emotion can ruin sound investment decisions, says Michael Beresford of OpenCorp Emotions can get complicated. Being ‘in touch with your emotions’ is seen as a good thing. If a politician gets emotional, we warm to them – they’re human, just like us. In some sports, controlled emotion can be channelled into success. So, it’s good [...]

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Immigration in post-Covid Australia (and what it means for property investors)

One of the key drivers for growth of Australian property markets in recent times has been immigration. The steady inflow of migrants into Australia’s capital cities – especially Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney – has sparked demand for housing rentals, which in turn has been a positive thing for investors. But of course, everything changed with [...]

JUST RELEASED: The OpenCorp Property Market Report Quarter 4, 2020

We are already in the 4th quarter of 2020 and the outlook for property in Australia is much more positive than first anticipated, with many regions showing a rise in home values, strong rental demand and increasing affordability. Australia has seen stabilisation in economic and property market indicators as most states shift toward a “Covid-normal” [...]

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NEW RESEARCH: Australia’s property market moves into recovery mode

All indications are that Australia's property market is set for recovery.  Leading property data, information, analytics and services provider, CoreLogic, has just released its October property value index, showing that house prices across Australia have risen overall for the first time since the start of COVID-19. CoreLogic’s Head of Australian Research, Eliza Owen has described [...]

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BRICK TO THE FUTURE PODCAST: Investing in uncertain times. Unpacking the data behind property trends. Matthew Lloyd’s investing journey. Your questions answered. And more!

OpenCorp's new podcast BRICK TO THE FUTURE is up and running, with episodes to educate and inspire you on your property investing journey! Quick recap: Brick to the Future is the property investment show for everyday Australians. Our expert presenters cut through the white noise around all things investing in property, along the way providing [...]

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When it comes to investing in property, the winning formula is often the simplest one

Treat your investment property as a business and you’ll reap the benefits, says Michael Beresford of OpenCorp Everyone who ventures into property investment is looking for a foolproof recipe for success – so allow me to extend the cooking metaphor. Let’s use the analogy of MasterChef. These talented amateurs get an extensive recipe to cook something amazing. [...]

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So you wanna be a landlord? Property management under the spotlight

The October edition of our Facebook Live Q&A Show focused on property management, with special guest Cassie Austin, OpenCorp's Property Management Operations Manager, discussing the various aspects involved in being a landlord. (You can check out a video replay of the show below) Plus our panel of experts - Al Lewison, Matthew Lewison and Cam [...]

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BRICK TO THE FUTURE – the property investment show for everyday Australians. ⠀

We have a new podcast!⠀ Brick to the Future is the property investment show for everyday Australians. In it, the directors of OpenCorp (plus expert guests) cut through the white noise so you can minimise risk and make smart and informed investment decisions. If you’re after tips and strategies while building a property portfolio that [...]

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The media says one thing, the data tells a different story

The number-crunchers here at OpenCorp love nothing more than cold hard facts that, when pieced together, tell a story. We’ve been looking at the data and the story we’re seeing currently suggests to us that the property market in Australia is heating up. Consider these facts: 6 of the 8 capital cities went up in [...]

Investing in property wisely – why 200 hours is the magic number

An investment property can be the route to financial security – but without sound advice it can become a burden, writes Michael Beresford of OpenCorp   Here’s the bad news: there is seldom a quick fix to owning an investment property. We’ve all got a ‘friend of a friend’ who bought on a whim and [...]

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