What is the best investment strategy for you and why?

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September 24th 2020 – 12:30pm & 7:00pm

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Positive Cashflow? Capital growth? Shares? Apartments? Commercial? 

Are they the only options to consider? 

The old saying ‘ all boats float on a rising tide’ is no longer true for investors. 

Take real estate for example. 

Each capital city market now has many smaller markets within it. There are also many different investment options. 

Conflicting news, differing opinions and contrasting information about investing has left many Australians confused as to how they should grow their wealth and secure future.

Some investors are looking for bargains, others are making risky short-term decisions but most are too confused to make any decision at all.

In this webinar, we compare the different investment strategies, as well as their pros and cons so you can decide for yourself which one is right for you.

Here’s what will be covered:

  • Shares or property? Both are proven strategies. What’s the one distinct difference?
  • Invest for cashflow or for growth… Where to get both and what’s right for you?
  • Buy and hold property or renovate for profit…which option will give you the returns you want, and how to avoid costly mistakes?
  • How to easily review the smaller markets within our city markets. 
  • We compare commercial vs residential
  • Apartments vs single family homes

These are only a fraction of the strategies we will explain so you can decide which is right for you. 

You’re reading this because you know you have a need to invest. Safe investing is all about reducing options that pose the greatest risk. 

To keep you safe we’ll also show you…

  • Which properties have lost value during the downturn and which have not. But more importantly we explain why.
  • How to maximise your return on investment by being laser focused on what matters (it’s something amateur investors rarely consider) 
  • Where population growth will occur and why…these areas historically have had the strongest long term capital growth
  • The hotspots receiving the majority of government funding for growth

In a booming market everyone can see a clear investment path. Even the most amateur investors can fluke making a profit. 

But when the market turns, confusion sets in. 

Only experienced investors continue to profit comfortably without risk to their investment portfolio. 

Over the last 50 years OpenCorp board members have seen many market movements. We’ve studied and documented each. 

One of the things we found is that during times of uncertainty if you wish to profit, a process of elimination is required.  

By using this process of elimination we’ve continually beaten the market, decade after decade. 

In this special event we show you what works, and what doesn’t. This will allow you to invest safely, with confidence. 

Tune in and we’ll not only show you how to pick the best strategy for you but explain the most common mistakes made by amateur and investors so you can avoid these at all costs.

If you’re a motivated first-time investor confused about which path to follow or an existing investor wanting better results, this is not to be missed.



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Like all investments, acquiring residential property exposes the investor to risk. Investors seeking to invest in residential property should make themselves aware of the risks associated with acquiring, financing and holding any individual property.

OpenCorp Property Invest is licensed (VIC – 075795L QLD – 3824414) to provide property strategies and source properties on behalf of clients. OpenCorp Finance is and its individual representatives are authorised credit representatives of Connective Credit Services Pty Ltd ACN 143 651 496 (Australian Credit Licence 389328) and are licenced to provide lending advice and may assist clients in understanding the financial risks associated with funding property purchases through debt.

While past performance is no indication of future performance, we have submitted this performance data to ASIC as a requirement of our Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) and are very proud of these results.

We strongly encourage anyone considering the acquisition of an Australian residential property to first seek to educate themselves in relation to the risks and the appropriateness of any property strategy for their own personal circumstances.