This new book draws on 50 years of Australian property investment experience plus thousands of hours’ research into local and global residential property trends. It gives you tools to cut through the white noise, master the ‘new normal’ and make informed decisions to grow your wealth.

The book offers insights from:

  • The removal & reintroduction of negative gearing.
  • A recession with 17.5% interest rates & 12.0% unemployment.
  • A 3-year Asian Financial Crisis that nuked 60% of global share value.
  • The 9/11 terrorist attack that put the world on edge.
  • A GFC, which shredded world markets & killed some of its biggest investment banks.
  • A crippling Australian credit crunch.
  • The royal commission that bared systemic misconduct in Australian banking, superannuation & financial services.

As an investor, you need to reduce risk by understanding what causes crises and how our markets respond to uncertainty. You’ll gain knowledge of:

  • The Government’s risk-control levers.
  • The 5 sectors used to stimulate our economy after each upheaval.
  • The difference between past & present property supply.
  • How immigration & population growth affect housing demand.
  • The impact of 120% Government debt to GDP.
  • How Australia’s share & property markets react to local & world events.

The ‘new normal’ is the expectation of more shocks in our lives.

Every few years, a new economic challenge upends the landscape. But also creates opportunity for those who can adapt. This book helps you read the facts, understand what’s occurring, and sets you up to benefit financially. Investing carries risk. Once you know what causes a crisis, and review property market drivers, you can assess risk and base investment decisions on fact, not uncertainty.