Transform Your Portfolio Into A Multi-Million-Dollar Empire Which Provides Passive Income For An Early Retirement!

Discover How To Grow A Portfolio Which Brings You Passive Income & True Financial Freedom In Your FREE 60-Minute Strategy Session

A Single Investment Property Isn’t Enough To Achieve A Financially Free Retirement

Stuck on one or two properties and realising it won’t be enough to retire on? Or simply looking for easier ways to expand your portfolio so you can accelerate your wealth before retirement? Then you’re in exactly the right place.

My name is Allister Lewison and my company – OpenCorp – has helped over 1000 people become successful property investors. We do this through our complete, end-to-end service which handles everything from sourcing properties to managing tenants. This way you can focus on the things you love while we do hard yards.

The Numbers Don’t Lie – An Average Return Of 11.8%p.a. Across All Our Properties Over 10 Years

Concerned about the state of real estate? The mainstream media would love you to believe their property propaganda, but it’s only a half‑truth. Yes, some capital cities have seen a slight price decrease in the last few months. However, each suburb has it’s own individual growth cycle.

It all comes down to supply and demand, where the suburb is in the growth cycle and what type of dwelling you invest in. When you know what to look for, it’s easy to find great investments – and this is exactly what we can help you with.CLAIM YOUR FREE STRATEGY SESSIONDiscover How To Grow A Portfolio Which Brings You Passive Income & True Financial Freedom (Value $3000)

Claim Your Free Strategy Session
Discover How To Grow A Portfolio Which Brings You Passive Income & True Financial Freedom (Value $3000)

Here’s A Brief Outline Of
What You’ll Discover in Your Free
Strategy Session…

  • The Unfiltered TRUTH About The Australian Housing Market

    Cut through all the white noise and fear mongering and get the cold hard FACTS about investing in real estate instead of biased thoughts and opinions

  • 2 Overlooked Types Of Properties For Ultra-High Rental Yields

    These types of buildings are disregarded by most investors however they produce some of the highest rental yield per dollar in our entire portfolio!

  • How To Create Extra Income So You Don’t ‘Work Until You Drop’

    We’ll reveal the exact steps you need to take to systematically replace your income with extra revenue streams and work ONLY if you choose to!

  • The Easy Way To Build A Large Portfolio & Retire Years Early

    This strategy is what we’ve used to take investors of all experience levels and turn them into millionaires so they can retire years or even decades earlier

  • The Suburbs Our Research Says Will BOOM In The Next 5 Years

    Find out which suburbs our research indicates are set to explode in 2019 and beyond so you can get in before the price surge and reap the financial gains!

Claim Your Free Strategy Session
Discover How To Grow A Portfolio Which Brings You Passive Income & True Financial Freedom (Value $3000)

The Proven Process We’ve Used To Purchase More Than $1.2Billion Worth Of Property So Far

Like I said before, once you know what you’re looking for, it’s easy to find great property investments. I’ve perfected how to do this over 20+ years of investing, amassing a personal portfolio worth $74m and becoming the 4th richest self‑made property investor in Australia.

When you join OpenCorp you get our team of 30 experts working together, using this process to find you high‑profit investments. Not just houses in your suburb either. A diversified range of residential property in different growth pockets across the country.

Claim Your Free Strategy Session
Discover How To Grow A Portfolio Which Brings You Passive Income & True Financial Freedom (Value $3000)

A Word From Our Clients
About The Incredible Results
They’ve Achieved

Don’t just take my word for it. Hear what some of our clients have to say about the results they’ve been able to achieve with our help.

Cam McLellan

Over $50,000,000 In Property Investments

Richard Blay

$150,000 Made In Just
18 Months!

Lisa Markani

Has Over
3 Investment Projects With OpenCorp!

Bianca Trollope

We Have Access
To The Best Properties In The Best Areas At The Best Price

Esther & Greg

2 Investment
Properties Generating over $44,000
Every Year

Marc Pickering

Has Made Over $500,000 From Open Corp Properties

Dan Gosper

2 Investment Properties
Making Over $45,000
Every Year

Gerard Ferrari

Over 8 Investment Properties!

Eugene Soh

Has Made Over $200,000 From OpenCorp Properties

Priscilla Stevens-Guiney

Has Made Over
This Year From Property!

Claim Your Free Strategy Session
Discover How To Grow A Portfolio Which Brings You Passive Income & True Financial Freedom (Value $3000)

6 Steps To Build
Your Property Portfolio


Claim Your Free Strategy Session

Reserve your free session now and we’ll give you complete clarity on the housing market and reveal how we make our clients millions every year.


Discuss Your Financial & Lifestyle Goals

Once we’ve revealed our secrets we’ll discuss your specific situation, what your financial and lifestyle goals are, and we’ll create a strategy to reach them.


Get Approved For Low‑Interest Finance

After you’re happy with the investment strategy, our expert team will assess you for finance and you qualify, we’ll get you the lowest interest rate we can.


Source Your High‑Performing Investments

Our property experts will now bring you multiple investment options to choose from which have high rental yields and great opportunities for capital growth.


Structure Correctly For Maximum Tax Benefits

Our team will also advise you and assist in setting up the correct legal structures which minimise tax obligations and maximise your financial gains.


Rinse & Repeat To Expand Your Portfolio

Every 6 months our team will check in to see how your investments are performing so you can leverage your success and multiply your portfolio!

Claim Your Free Strategy Session
Discover How To Grow A Portfolio Which Brings You Passive Income & True Financial Freedom (Value $3000)

Ultimate Mini Guide To Property Investing:

In this exclusive eBook we'll reveal:

  • Think you have to wait till your 65+ to retire? WRONG! We’ll show you the straight line to wealth and how you can retire early with property!
  • The #1 Investment Strategy that’s used by the BRW Rich List Fast Starters - and how you can apply it with minimal risk to grow your property portfolio!
  • Why NOW is the golden opportunity of a lifetime to grow your property portfolio!
  • And much, much more!

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We Take Care Of The Entire Process To Save You Time, Money & Stress

When you join me and the team at OpenCorp, we make everything as simple as we can. You get a Lifetime Investment Coach who shows you how to reach your financial goals faster, and we take care of as much as we legally can for you. However, you still have complete control and the final say throughout the process.

We’ll match a strategy with your financial and lifestyle goals, bring you a curated selection of high-performing investments, assist you with finance and even find and manage your tenant afterwards. It’s the easy way to grow your portfolio like a pro!

We’ll Diversify Your
Portfolio & Minimise Your Tax To Help Reach Your Financial Goals Faster

Looking to accelerate the growth of your portfolio and minimise tax at the same time? We can show you exactly how to do this. Our team includes experts in finance, mortgage broking, lawyers, tax specialists and accountants – not just researchers and analysts.

We’ll help you take maximum advantage of all tax benefits, correctly structure your investments and ultimately replace your day-job with passive income. This way you can enjoy an exciting and fulfilling retirement and leave your children a lasting legacy. Claim your strategy session now so you can get started on your new path to a wealthy and early retirement!

Claim Your Free Strategy Session
Discover How To Grow A Portfolio Which Brings You Passive Income & True Financial Freedom (Value $3000)

These 3 Properties Could Add
Positive Cashflow & Capital Growth
To Your Portfolio

Our ‘Extra Income From Property’ Guarantee

We’re so confident in our ability to find you the perfect investment property that helps you start generating a passive income we guarantee it! If for some strange reason we can’t find you an investment property which suits your investment goals within 90 days we’ll personally write you a cheque for $1000 – hassle free, no questions asked.

Thousands Of Australians Are Now
Growing Wealthy With Property
Thanks To Our Help…

Free, No Obligation 60 Minute
Property Portfolio Investment Strategy
Session + Investment Blueprint To
Replace Your Income Within 10 Years
(Value $3000)

Reserve your 60 minute zero obligation consultation with a property investment strategist who’ll personally build you a bespoke bulletproof strategy for growing your investment property portfolio in just 90 days.

  • How you can acquire another high-yield property to your portfolio in the next 90 days with almost zero risk
  • Why 90% of people never make it past 2 properties – and how to break into the 10% who build large portfolios that replace their income
  • Tax minimisation secrets that property moguls use when growing their empire – and how you can use the same even if you have just 1 property
  • 3 secrets to finding undervalued properties that you can turn into a ‘cash cow’ with a high rental yield that grows year on year
  • And we’ll also show you the simple method to easily predict future house prices in any area!

Plus, after the session you’ll get a blueprint for the exact steps you need to take to replace your income in the next 10 years and how many properties you will need.

These sessions are strictly limited so please act now to secure a timeslot and avoid disappointment.