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What is in The Ultimate Mini Guide To Property Investing?

The straight line to wealth

In simple, jargon-free language, this mini guide is a step-by-step guide to illustrate why following a proven system is so important when investing. Essential reading for anyone wishing to walk the straight line to wealth.

This book also provides the tools and checklists that elite investors use when choosing an investment property for their own portfolios. These systems will help you to reduce risk when selecting investment properties. They will also assist you in managing your portfolio and show you how to leverage equity and build wealth at a much faster rate.

It's vital lessons include:

  • How to select the right city market, the right area within that city and the best investment property for that area.
  • The 6 key signs of a healthy market.
  • How to demystify the industry, taking away the smoke and mirrors that surround the property industry.
  • The 10 biggest mistakes made by property investors.
  • How to spot a property industry shark.

Who is Cam McLellan?

A successful property investor and businessman, Cam McLellan shares the knowledge that gave him the option to retire in his 30s, assemble a substantial property portfolio and build a group of companies employing more than 150 people. Cam’s companies have been named in Six BRW Fast growth lists. He wrote My four-year-old the property investor for his children. In his Mini Guide Series, Cam provides a jargon-free, step-by-step investment manual for those who wish to secure their financial future. As an Australian property investment expert, Cam now helps others by sharing his knowledge and expertise.

Don't go into property investing blindfolded, educate yourself

Cam McLellan
Author, The Ultimate Mini Guide Series

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