Community Values

At OpenCorp, we prize Australia’s diverse community togetherness.

To give this value a lasting foundation, we must help our children carry it forward.

As kids, we learnt that involvement in club sports fosters community connection.

As adults, we set out to ensure more Australian children play and stay engaged in a wide range of sports.

We’re proud to make this difference to our youth and future community.

Cam McLellan, Director, OpenCorp.


Over $680,000 contributed to Local Communities


Over $680,000 contributed to Local Communities

“Our partnership with the OpenCorp team has opened up lots of opportunities for our Melbourne Network members and clients, from an educational perspective and the insights they provide on Property Investment. The education aspect is another valuable service that we can provide to our members.

Having a strong brand like OpenCorp that invests their time into the Melbourne Network to build relationships is extremely beneficial for our business and the Melbourne Network community”

James Webster, Head of Sales & Partnerships

Money Smarts Workshops

Cam McLellan developed the free Money Smarts education videos because he found a void in financial education for young people and sporting professionals.

He wanted to provide information that he wished had been provided to him, when he was young. Information that would help young people avoid many of the financial mistakes made by the majority of Australians.

Cam has been presenting the Money Smarts course to year 12 and University students for a number of years. He has also presented this course to all A league Football teams, all NBL teams, AFL players, NBA players and Australian Cricketers.

Money Smarts Workshops

As a start-up franchise, situated in the heartland of Australian basketball, the South East Melbourne Phoenix set out to build a professional NBL club with a strong community focus.  We wanted to create a club for hard-working families and passionate basketball fans to align with and feel a strong sense of belonging and connection.

Our partnership with OpenCorp is strongly based around our core community values and helping people to achieve their financial goals.  The team at OpenCorp place a large emphasis on education and their free online seminars have been a great way to get our fans started on their property investment journey.

Their support as an inaugural sponsor of the South East Melbourne Phoenix has been invaluable and ensures we can continue to deliver high-quality programs to Australia’s Basketball Heartland in the South East.

Anoop Singh, Chief Commercial Officer

FC Bulleen Lions (FCBL) is very proud to be partnering with OpenCorp for the 2020 and 2021 seasons. FCBL do not partner with just anyone but in OpenCorp we saw an organisation with good values that wanted to give back to the community.  

OpenCorp’s approach to Property Investment Education has been really appreciated by our members because they are able to access wealth creation information and education through a variety of mediums (i.e. seminars, webinars, books, etc.) when and how they wanted to receive it. This property investment education, delivered by experts in the field, is invaluable to our families who are being shown how to embark on a path of wealth creation that will improve their, their children and the children’s lives.

From a financial support perspective, FCBL cannot thank OpenCorp enough for its contribution that will greatly assist FCBL deliver a quality football (soccer) experience to our young players. The sponsorship donation from OpenCorp will enable the club to not only purchase new equipment, apparel and enhance facilities but we will also use some of these funds to subsidise the registration fees of players who are less fortunate and would not be able to play without this assistance. 

Again, we thank OpenCorp for their support, especially during these challenging times of COVID-19, and hope this is the beginning of a long and prosperous relationship.

David Del Monaco, Chairman FC Bulleen Lions