BRICK TO THE FUTURE PODCAST: Australia’s property rebound. Building the foundations of a high-performing property portfolio. PLUS Cam McLellan’s personal journey, your questions answered … and more!

Heaps of property investing tips, insights, stories and ideas can be found on our podcast BRICK TO THE FUTURE, with plenty of episodes to educate and inspire you on your journey towards financial freedom! Quick recap: Brick to the Future is the property investment show for everyday Australians. Our expert presenters cut through the white noise around [...]

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BRICK TO THE FUTURE – the property investment show for everyday Australians. ⠀

We have a new podcast!⠀ Brick to the Future is the property investment show for everyday Australians. In it, the directors of OpenCorp (plus expert guests) cut through the white noise so you can minimise risk and make smart and informed investment decisions. If you’re after tips and strategies while building a property portfolio that [...]

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The Smart Property Investment Show: How a winning strategy can withstand any crisis

OpenCorp directors Cam McLellan, Matthew Lewison and Michael Beresford joined Phil Tarrant, host of The Smart Property Investment Show, to share the company's ethos and how their love of property investment came about.  Cam, Matthew and Michael cover a range of topics, including not chasing 'red balloons', acquiring the right assets at the right time, [...]

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PODCAST INTERVIEW: OpenCorp’s Cam McLellan on community footy, property vs shares, and the impact of COVID-19 on the property market

PODCAST INTERVIEW: OpenCorp’s Cam McLellan on community footy, property vs shares, and the impact of COVID-19 on the property market Waverley Park Hawks · Episode 8 OpenCorp’s Cam McLellan was recently interviewed by Lindsay Moore, from the Waverley Park Hawks Junior Football Club, for its Hawk Talk podcast. OpenCorp is a keen supporter of grassroots junior footy, and a major [...]

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Introducing Australian Wealth Builders, the new podcast for time-poor executives

Welcome to AUSTRALIAN WEALTH BUILDERS, the new OpenCorp podcast series which offers insight into how time-poor executives can achieve financial independence through property investing. Drawing on decades worth of knowledge and experience, join bestselling author Cam McLellan (pictured left) and investment advisory and finance expert Michael 'Boz' Beresford as they share tips, strategies and ideas [...]

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PODCAST: A portfolio where every property meets key criteria – Michael Beresford

SOURCE: Smart Property Investment With almost 20 years in property, 10 investment properties and a principal place of residence, Michael Beresford seems to have figured out the formula – so much so that across every property that he owns there are a number of striking similarities. https://www.opencorp.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/290818-Michael_Beresford_SPI1.mp3    

PODCAST: Cooling property markets; are the good times really behind us? – Michael Beresford

SOURCE: Smart Property Investment You would be forgiven for thinking that the Australian property market is starting to cool, with the press heavily reporting a downturn. But how true is this? Michael Beresford disects the issue in this weeks Property Showcase episode. https://www.opencorp.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/110718-Open_Corp_Michael_Beresford.mp3      

PODCAST – Are property values really about to crash?

Source: Your Investment Property Magazine with Real Estate Talk Michael Beresford chats with Kevin Turner from Real Estate Talk to provide a detailed analysis on the question many media outlets fail to answer…are property values about to crash? https://www.opencorp.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/Interview-with-Michael-Beresford-Open-Corp.mp3   In this candid interview, Michael shares his latest market update to help investors make sense [...]

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