CoreLogic’s National Housing Data Report released this morning shows property prices rose 2.2% last month, continuing the current property surge across Australia That’s an amazing $400 per day for every day this year…or $2,800 per week! The scary part is the Banks are forecasting further increases of 20%+ over 2021 and 2022… The best time [...]

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PROPERTY MARKETS ARE FULL STEAM AHEAD! Last month we said some of the Core Logic numbers were simply mouth-watering. Core Logic’s Month Housing Data Report shows dwellings continue to rise a further 1.8% across the nation last month. This is the equivalent of house prices going up $340 per day, or $2,400 per week! Breaking [...]

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Tim Lawless’ View of Proposed Relaxing of Lending Laws

What is Tim Lawless’ view of the government's proposed relaxing of the lending laws? I canvassed the opinion of Tim Lawless, one of Australia's leading property market analysts and commentators, and Head of Research at CoreLogic Asia Pacific, during an interview for a recent OpenCorp webinar.  Tim is regularly sought out by government and the [...]

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Proposed relaxing of lending laws a big plus for property investors

How property investors can benefit from relaxed lending laws Expanded credit approval would be a shot in the arm for the economy Credit is often called the lifeblood of the economy, and it’s an essential part of our post-COVID recovery. That’s why we’re keeping a keen eye on the Federal Parliament’s debate on proposed [...]

Shifting the Australian economy out of idle: Housing, infrastructure, education, tourism & healthcare

The Australian government’s dilemma is to keep the economy running, but not waste funds revving the motor with the handbrake still on, writes OpenCorp director, Cam McLellan   To get a sense of future house prices, and which parts of the market will fare best, you need to get your head around government stimulus. JobKeeper [...]

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How to build wealth in 2021 – and beyond

Property investment is less about the actual property and more about the system to create wealth, writes OpenCorp Director – Investment Services, Michael Beresford Without question, 2020 will go down in the history books as the year that a pandemic froze the world’s population, and their economies, in their tracks. But with the benefit of [...]

Why property investment remains as safe as houses

Over the past few decades, there has been a proliferation of property “experts” around, all competing to have the final word on where markets are headed. It seems that with the increase of property data available online, property commentators started to sprout like market guru mushrooms across the land. However, there has been one analyst [...]

Why the stamp duty changes could light a rocket under Australia

Property Markets are Heating Up Fast, Thanks in Part to New Stamp Duty Changes    Each month, before we release our latest OpenCorp Market View report, our directors meet to discuss risks and opportunities in Australia’s property markets.  I present our initial draft report and analysis, which we then debate, before merging the “cold hard [...]

JUST RELEASED: The OpenCorp Property Market Report Quarter 4, 2020

We are already in the 4th quarter of 2020 and the outlook for property in Australia is much more positive than first anticipated, with many regions showing a rise in home values, strong rental demand and increasing affordability. Australia has seen stabilisation in economic and property market indicators as most states shift toward a “Covid-normal” [...]

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NEW RESEARCH: Australia’s property market moves into recovery mode

All indications are that Australia's property market is set for recovery.  Leading property data, information, analytics and services provider, CoreLogic, has just released its October property value index, showing that house prices across Australia have risen overall for the first time since the start of COVID-19. CoreLogic’s Head of Australian Research, Eliza Owen has described [...]

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