Four ways to amp up your borrowing power

By Cam McLellan, Co-founder, OpenCorp Investing in property requires belief, mindset and action, but it also requires finance! As an investor, if you don’t fully understand how lenders measure your borrowing power, you run the risk of losing control of your property investment journey. Here are four strategies to increase your borrowing capacity in the [...]

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How to win the battle of control with the banks

By Cam McLellan, co-founder, OpenCorp Of around 25 million Australians, 2.2 million own one investment property; 460,000 own two, and around 19,000 own more than six. From this, I figure that the top 19,000 investors own many more than six properties each. So, what are these people doing that all the others aren’t? Every successful [...]

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Why debt isn’t a dirty word for Treasurer Josh Frydenberg

Why debt isn’t a dirty word for Treasurer Josh Frydenberg BY MATT LEWISON, DIRECTOR, OPENCORP OpenCorp's Matthew Lewison has been making sense of the numbers and demystifying the jargon. He goes into more depth in this audio clip: Coronavirus is an evil that has ambushed our daily lives on two fronts; the immediate threat to [...]

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OpenCorp Live Q&A Show #8 (DECEMBER)

The OpenCorp Live Q&A Show is done and dusted for 2019 and we've gone out with a bang! Here is a replay of the Facebook live stream recorded on December 5th in which our panel of experts, including OpenCorp directors Al Lewison and Michael 'Boz' Beresford, answer viewers' questions around all things investing in property [...]

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Assets and liabilities: Appreciating the difference

By Cam McLellan, Director, OpenCorp   An asset is something that makes things better. Let’s look at a few basic examples of assets and liabilities before I explain them in more detail – and you can try to pick which is which. An investment property that puts money in your pocket each month and has [...]

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Beware the Perils of Credit Cards

Credit Cards: Beware the Evil Financial Instrument Walking Among Us! By Cam McLellan A little while ago I went on a rant against sharks in the property industry, those smooth-talking scammers who feed off humble, honest investors with expensive bogus seminars or dud properties. They will always remain one of my most hated types of [...]

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How to avoid cross collateralisation – Property WOD |Ep. 240|

In property investing cross collateralisation is one of the big no-nos if you want to keep your own home safe from the banks. Watch our Property Workout of the Day to learn how to avoid this easily made mistake.

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Everything you need to know about depreciation schedules – Property WOD |Ep. 238|

It’s a property investors best friend, so why do so many people neglect their depreciation schedules at tax time? In today’s Property Workout of the Day we take a look at everything you need to know about depreciation schedules.

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Getting the Most Out of Your Tax

By Michael Beresford A lot of property investors ask us about the best way to maximise their tax benefits. In terms of what you can claim, the best person to talk to is your accountant but as a general rule, every expense associated with an investment property is tax deductable. This excludes stamp duty and [...]

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