Shifting the Australian economy out of idle: Housing, infrastructure, education, tourism & healthcare

The Australian government’s dilemma is to keep the economy running, but not waste funds revving the motor with the handbrake still on, writes OpenCorp director, Cam McLellan   To get a sense of future house prices, and which parts of the market will fare best, you need to get your head around government stimulus. JobKeeper [...]

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How to build wealth in 2021 – and beyond

Property investment is less about the actual property and more about the system to create wealth, writes OpenCorp Director – Investment Services, Michael Beresford Without question, 2020 will go down in the history books as the year that a pandemic froze the world’s population, and their economies, in their tracks. But with the benefit of [...]

Why property investment remains as safe as houses

Over the past few decades, there has been a proliferation of property “experts” around, all competing to have the final word on where markets are headed. It seems that with the increase of property data available online, property commentators started to sprout like market guru mushrooms across the land. However, there has been one analyst [...]

Why the stamp duty changes could light a rocket under Australia

Property Markets are Heating Up Fast, Thanks in Part to New Stamp Duty Changes    Each month, before we release our latest OpenCorp Market View report, our directors meet to discuss risks and opportunities in Australia’s property markets.  I present our initial draft report and analysis, which we then debate, before merging the “cold hard [...]

Setting high goals means even failure brings rewards

Committing to a plan to achieve your financial targets is the first step to realising those goals, writes OpenCorp’s Michael Beresford Setting goals for ourselves is the best way of getting to where we want to be – so why doesn’t everyone do it? I’d say it’s a fear of failure. By saying out loud [...]

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Why the numbers add up for ‘rentvestors’

Rent where you want to live and free up cashflow to create future growth, says Michael Beresford It’s the classic property catch 22. You want to get into the property market, but where you want to live and what you can afford are (literally) miles apart. Do you compromise and buy somewhere 10 stops further [...]

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Play it cool – why emotions can ruin wise property investing

Emotion can ruin sound investment decisions, says Michael Beresford of OpenCorp Emotions can get complicated. Being ‘in touch with your emotions’ is seen as a good thing. If a politician gets emotional, we warm to them – they’re human, just like us. In some sports, controlled emotion can be channelled into success. So, it’s good [...]

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Immigration in post-Covid Australia (and what it means for property investors)

One of the key drivers for growth of Australian property markets in recent times has been immigration. The steady inflow of migrants into Australia’s capital cities – especially Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney – has sparked demand for housing rentals, which in turn has been a positive thing for investors. But of course, everything changed with [...]

When it comes to investing in property, the winning formula is often the simplest one

Treat your investment property as a business and you’ll reap the benefits, says Michael Beresford of OpenCorp Everyone who ventures into property investment is looking for a foolproof recipe for success – so allow me to extend the cooking metaphor. Let’s use the analogy of MasterChef. These talented amateurs get an extensive recipe to cook something amazing. [...]

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The media says one thing, the data tells a different story

The number-crunchers here at OpenCorp love nothing more than cold hard facts that, when pieced together, tell a story. We’ve been looking at the data and the story we’re seeing currently suggests to us that the property market in Australia is heating up. Consider these facts: 6 of the 8 capital cities went up in [...]