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Shifting the Australian economy out of idle: Housing, infrastructure, education, tourism & healthcare

The Australian government’s dilemma is to keep the economy running, but not waste funds revving the motor with the handbrake still on, writes OpenCorp director, Cam McLellan   To get a sense of future house prices, and which parts of the market will fare best, you need to get your head around government stimulus. JobKeeper [...]

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Immigration in post-Covid Australia (and what it means for property investors)

One of the key drivers for growth of Australian property markets in recent times has been immigration. The steady inflow of migrants into Australia’s capital cities – especially Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney – has sparked demand for housing rentals, which in turn has been a positive thing for investors. But of course, everything changed with [...]

JUST RELEASED: The OpenCorp Property Market Report Quarter 4, 2020

We are already in the 4th quarter of 2020 and the outlook for property in Australia is much more positive than first anticipated, with many regions showing a rise in home values, strong rental demand and increasing affordability. Australia has seen stabilisation in economic and property market indicators as most states shift toward a “Covid-normal” [...]

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The media says one thing, the data tells a different story

The number-crunchers here at OpenCorp love nothing more than cold hard facts that, when pieced together, tell a story. We’ve been looking at the data and the story we’re seeing currently suggests to us that the property market in Australia is heating up. Consider these facts: 6 of the 8 capital cities went up in [...]

The Smart Property Investment Show: How a winning strategy can withstand any crisis

OpenCorp directors Cam McLellan, Matthew Lewison and Michael Beresford joined Phil Tarrant, host of The Smart Property Investment Show, to share the company's ethos and how their love of property investment came about.  Cam, Matthew and Michael cover a range of topics, including not chasing 'red balloons', acquiring the right assets at the right time, [...]

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Four ways to amp up your borrowing power

By Cam McLellan, Co-founder, OpenCorp Investing in property requires belief, mindset and action, but it also requires finance! As an investor, if you don’t fully understand how lenders measure your borrowing power, you run the risk of losing control of your property investment journey. Here are four strategies to increase your borrowing capacity in the [...]

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How to win the battle of control with the banks

By Cam McLellan, co-founder, OpenCorp Of around 25 million Australians, 2.2 million own one investment property; 460,000 own two, and around 19,000 own more than six. From this, I figure that the top 19,000 investors own many more than six properties each. So, what are these people doing that all the others aren’t? Every successful [...]

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Is property investing right for you?

Let’s go back to basics. You’re reading this because you’re interested in … ta da! ... investing in property! But do you still have a million and one questions on your mind like: Is investing in property right for me? Will it help me achieve my goals? It’s good to ask (and answer) the ‘why [...]