Introducing Australian Wealth Builders, the new podcast for time-poor executives

Welcome to AUSTRALIAN WEALTH BUILDERS, the new OpenCorp podcast series which offers insight into how time-poor executives can achieve financial independence through property investing. Drawing on decades worth of knowledge and experience, join bestselling author Cam McLellan (pictured left) and investment advisory and finance expert Michael ‘Boz’ Beresford as they share tips, strategies and ideas…


Coronavirus What does the Covid-19 Pandemic mean for OpenCorp and our clients? Let’s look at the economic situation: The current pandemic has had a significant impact on the stock market as institutional investors have sought safe-haven assets in the face of uncertainty The wild swings are occurring because institutional investors are finding it hard to…

Live Q&A #10 – your property investing questions answered!

This month on our regular Facebook Live Q&A Show, we welcomed OpenCorp’s Natalie Ravaneschi to the panel, joining Cam McLellan and Allister Lewison to discuss all things property investing in Australia, as well as answering questions sent in by viewers. As a Relationship Manager, Natalie gets to see how much property investment changes everyday lives….