Is property insurance important?

By Cam McLellan Property insurance is vitally important but is something people rarely think about. It protects and mitigates risk for you and should give you the reassurance to sleep well at night, yet people use a very high risk strategy to make sure they are covered. Usually you receive a reminder from the insurance [...]

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Using your portfolio to buy your dream home – Property WOD |Ep. 215|

Should you use equity, or sell off part of your portfolio when you you want to buy your own residence? Michael Beresford takes us through the options in today’s Property Wealth Workout of the Day.

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Pay off debt vs buy an investment property – Property WOD |Ep. 214|

So you’ve finished school, enjoyed yourself (and spent your savings), brought a house but are now looking at a large credit card debt. When you find yourself some spare cash, you should be reducing your debt right? In today’s WOD we look at that might not necessarily be the right step.

Finding the Investment Property Deal of a Lifetime – Every Day of the Week

By Cam McLellan At OpenCorp. we use a process known as MAP to find the perfect investment property. The MAP process is all about eliminating markets, areas and properties in order to select the right investment property. In today’s blog I will cover the market part of the process, specifically, knocking out markets that aren’t [...]

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