Warren Buffett’s five tips for investing in real estate

He is known as the Wizard of Omaha and considered to be one of the world’s most successful investors. And for thousands of investors around the world, Warren Buffett has become their investment guru. Every year, through his letter to Berkshire-Hathaway shareholders, the legendary investor offers his wisdom on anything from his rules for investing…

Real estate agents’ tricks now open for inspection!

By Cam McLellan Real estate agents are notorious for talking up their properties in order make a sale, but don’t be fooled,make sure you understand the true meaning of their jargon. For example, “a cosy rural property” means “small and 20 minutes’ drive from the shops”. Here are some of the lines used by real…

Virtual Reality: The Property Industry’s Next Frontier?

Imagine if  property buyers could ‘walk’ through a new off the plan apartment or home without even entering the building. Sound far-fetched? It may seem like something from Back to the Future II, but prospective buyers are already starting to experience this phenomenon through virtual reality technology. Read the rest of this article HERE.